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If your vehicle is leased, you can attempt to locate someone who will qualify through your leasing company to do a lease assumption by advertising your vehicle on websites such as Swapalease or LeaseTrader, but there are two things you should keep in mind:  Swapalease and LeaseTrader charge to advertise your vehicle, whether or not you are successful in locating someone who qualifies.  Also, some leasing companies will not allow you to do a lease transfer at all, while others require that you retain contingent liability in case the transferee defaults.  Check with your leasing company before you waste your time or money on lease takeover websites such as Swapalease or LeaseTrader.

If you purchased your vehicle, the only way to sell a car with a loan is to pay off the financing completely. If you're looking for someone to pay it off for you, you should know that most banks won't finance a private party sale unless that party has excellent credit. In addition, banks will seldom finance more than the "loan value" of the vehicle and this would usually require a substantial down payment. Someone with excellent credit can finance a vehicle at a dealership with little or no down payment. Most cash buyers, unfortunately, are only interested in low-balling you, as they're looking for the best vehicle they can possibly get for as little money as they can stand to part with. You'll have to settle for the best cash offer you receive, and pay off the difference out of your own pocket.

Our AMI Finance Transfer Program© is designed to secure your best interests, save you $1,000's, and protect your good credit.  Our Payment Guarantee means you'll never have to worry about missing a payment, even if the buyer defaults. We manage the entire loan or lease assumption from start to finish so you won't be bothered with the details.  With our AMI Finance Transfer Program©, you can rest easy.  

New vehicles depreciate rapidly during their first few years.  For this reason, anyone who needs to exit their auto loan or lease early finds it may cost them thousands to do so or else severely damage their credit.  The good news is, newly financed vehicles generally come with financing terms our clients want to take over payments on.  Our AMI Finance Transfer Program© allows vehicle owners to rid themselves of their unwanted payments by finding someone to take over payments on their original auto loan or lease.  AMI provides the contracts, locates the buyers, and protects the owners' interests from start to finish with our Payment Guarantee.  

Keep in mind, AMI doesn't sell your vehicle... we provide a Loan or Lease Takeover Program to help you "sell your financing."  If you have attractive financing on a newer vehicle, AMI can locate someone to take over payments on your loan or lease within a matter of weeks - sometimes days!  Odds are good you'll never have to make another payment again by using our AMI Finance Transfer Program©.  

Gather what you need:  Several quality .jpg photos of your vehicle, a copy of your loan or lease agreement, a recent payment coupon or copy of the title (if you own your vehicle outright), the vehicle registration, and a copy of your driver's license.  Then complete our VEHICLE DESCRIPTION FORM and a representative of AMI will get back to you right away.  

Each month, your payments are automatically pulled from the buyer's checking account via an ACH transaction ten days before your payment is due.  Payments are then forwarded to your bank from ours to ensure you never miss a payment.  If the buyer's ACH transaction is rejected, AMI will act on your behalf to collect the payment or repossess the car and locate a new buyer to take over payments where the previous one left off.  Regardless, payments on your vehicle will continue uninterrupted.  

The buyer must provide his own insurance before he can take over payments on your vehicle.  He must also add your bank as the Lienholder on the policy and yourself as an Additional Interest, to keep all parties apprised of the status of the insurance.  AMI will verify the buyer's insurance before authorizing you to cancel your policy. 

Our Payment Guarantee Service is free to you!  You won't be charged for our Payment Guarantee or to advertise your vehicle on our website.  And we won't get paid unless we are successful.  You read that right, AMI does not get paid until we find a buyer to take over payments on your vehicle.  That's why we're the nation's leading auto loan or lease takeover guarantor.  While our Payment Guarantee is free to you, there is a nominal monthly fee if you elect to use our optional AMI ASSURANCE program.

Once I sign the contracts, can I change my mind?

We recognize you may be attempting many different strategies for marketing your vehicle online, and you may find a buyer via some other means before AMI can locate someone to take over payments on your vehicle.  If this happens, please CONTACT US, and let us know to discontinue our efforts.

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