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About Auto Management Inc.

Want Out of a Vehicle?

Since 2006, Auto Management Inc. (AMI) has provided a mechanism that allows original owners of all types of vehicles to exit their loan or lease without having to damage their good credit, pay enormous early termination charges or surrender their vehicle to the bank.

When the owner of a boat or motor vehicle wants or needs to eliminate their financial obligation within the first two years, they often find the cost of selling the vehicle to be prohibitive.  AMI provides a program that allows original owners of all types of vehicles to exit their loan or lease without having to sacrifice their good credit or incur additional financial obligations.

For vehicles accepted into the AMI Finance Transfer Program© , AMI will assist in locating a Permissive User to assume the balance of the financing via a Use Agreement with the original owner.  Once the vehicle is placed in the Program and delivered to the User, all subsequent payments are paid by the User and guaranteed by AMI.

In the event of a default by the User and with the permission of the owner, AMI will act to protect the interests of the vehicle owner to secure the vehicle and locate a new User to finish the term of the financing.

Questions?  See our FAQ page for Answers.

Want Into a Vehicle?

If credit problems are preventing you from acquiring the vehicle you can afford, you're in the right place.  We recognize that bad things happen to good people, so we offer you a second chance!  

If you have verifiable income, a valid driver's license, a bank account and can provide the appropriate insurance, you may qualify to take over payments on the vehicle or boat of your dreams.

Before you throw money away on a high interest rate, bad credit car loan, check out our vehicles.

All AMI vehicles are available with owner-carry financing.  You must have a valid driver's license, verifiable residence and income, a few references, the ability to provide the appropriate insurance and a personal or corporate bank checking account to qualify.  

Whatever your needs, whether short-term or long, loan or lease, our AMI Finance Transfer Program©  may have the answer for you.  If approved, you will be assuming the financing on a newer boat, RV or motor vehicle directly from its original owner under the same terms and conditions as the original owner received when he/she acquired the vehicle.

Questions?  See our FAQ page for answers.

Auto Management Inc. (AMI) is NOT a Dealership
AMI does not buy, sell or lease vehicles
Vehicles shown are available BY OWNER ONLY!
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